Final Blog Post

During this past semester I analyzed WWE Smackdown. I have enjoyed my time analyzing Smackdown and have learned many things about the awesome show that I have been watching since I was 10. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed during my time analyzing Smackdown is that it is one of the most unique shows on television. I believe this is due to the fact that Smackdown is a variety show. It has it all; action, comedy, drama, suspense, mystery, music, some people claim that pro-wrestling is just a soap opera for men. In my final blog post I’d like proof and examples as to why Smackdown is a show that truly has it all.

The first category I want to discuss is drama. Whether it’s the drama of a competitive match or a backstage storyline, drama plays an important role on Smackdown. The first example I’d like to present is the love triangle storyline featuring Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Stephanie McMahon that played out on screen in the summer of 2000. At the time Triple H and Stephanie was married and Stephen took on the role as Kurt Angle’s business manager and would accompany Kurt to the ring. One good thing they did with this storyline is that they let the tension slow build for a few months and Triple H and Kurt started to but heads with each other as Triple H started to become jealous of the relationship Kurt had with Stephanie. Everything then came to a head on the August 24th, 2000 episode of Smackdown. The main event was a mixed tag team match the featured Kurt and Stephanie taking on The Rock and Lita. At one point in the match Stephanie was knocked out and Triple H, who was watching everything backstage, ran out to help his wife. Triple H then proceeded to carry Stephanie to the back and then returned to the ring to help Kurt. Triple H then began to trade blows with The Rock in the ring, and at this time we see Kurt sneaking away and retreating to the back. We then see Kurt checking on Stephanie, who pretty was groggy at the time. Kurt then proceeded to kiss Stephanie thus revealing his true feelings.

Drama can also play a big role in the ring. One example is the match between Brock Lesner vs. Zach Gowen from the August 21st, 2003 episode of Smackdown. Zach Gowen is a life long wrestling fan and his dream was to become a pro-wrestler. Unfortunately Zach lost one of his legs while battling cancer as a child. However, despite the odds staked against him, Zach Gowen became a WWE contracted wrestler while wrestling with one leg. This episode of Smackdown takes place in Zach’s hometown and his mother is in the front row to watch her son. However, Zach’s appointee is “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar who is a legit monster. Zach tries his best but he is just no match for Brock. Brock then proceeds to brutally beat Zach right in front of his mother.

The next category I want to talk about is comedy. Whether it’s a planned skit or a blooper, Smackdown has produced some truly funny comedic moments.

The next category I want to talk about is mystery/suspense. Some of the most memorable storylines on Smackdown are mystery storylines, usually a who done it type of story. One good example is from the spring/summer of 2010 and the mystery of who attacked The Undertaker and left him in a vegetative state. The Undertaker was found by his brother Kane and Kane set out on a hunt for the man that attacked his brother. Kane interrogated the entire Smackdown roster and still know sign of the attacker.

The search lasted the whole summer until The Undertaker returned at that years SummerSlam and revealed that Kane was actually the one who attacked him. On the next episode of Smackdown, Kane admitted to the accusation and revealed his plan to the world. In my opinion, Kane gives one of the best promo’s in the history of Smackdown.

The next category I want to talk about is music. Music has been a staple of Smackdown since day one. Every wrestler has their own unique entrance theme song that are instantly recognizable. Smackdown has also been host to some legendary musical acts like Ozzy Osborne and Three Six Mafia.

The last category I want to talk about is action. Action is Smackdowns bread and butter. Smackdown has had some of the most exciting, action packed matches in the WWE. Over the past 20 years Smackdown has been host thousands of matches determining which is the best match is very often argued about. In celebration of the 1000th episode of smackdown, the WWE produced a list of the 15 best matches in Smackdown history. According to the WWE the top 5 matches in Smackdown history are:

5) Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. Los Guerreros – No. 1 Contender Match for WWE Tag Team Championship: Oct. 24, 2002

4) The New Day vs. Bludgeon Brothers – SmackDown Tag Team Championship No Disqualification Match, Aug. 21, 2018

3) The Shield vs. Randy Orton & Team Hell No: June 14, 2013

2) Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle – WWE Championship Iron Man Match: Sept. 18, 2003

And the number one greatest match in the history of Smackdown according to the WWE is…

1) Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero – No Disqualification Match: Sept. 26, 2002

I truly believe that Smackdown one of the most entertaining shows on television today and it really does have everything a tv viewer could want. I highly recommend that you watch an episode of Smackdown and judge it for yourself. Smackdown airs on Tuesdays nights at 8pm on the USA network.

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